Age older than or equal to 3.50 and younger than or equal to 6.99. The date used for calculating the age is Item Begin Date.Transaction date/time after 12/18/19 @ 12:00pm and before 06/30/20 @ 12:00pm.
Household Category of Non-Resident.
Transaction date/time after 12/11/19 @ 12:00pm and before 06/30/20 @ 12:00pm.
Household Category of Resident.


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Does your child love coloring and drawing? Get a jump on school readiness, fine motor skills, and vocabulary skills all while having fun learning to draw! We start the winter a drawing of a mouthwatering pizza and an endearing duck will bring out the artistic skills and advanced creativity. Spring lessons bring out the adventurer in Young Rembrandts students as we complete an adorable Puppy, Silly Parrot and a very cool Pirate Ship! All this and more await your budding artist. Enroll your child today!

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