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Age older than or equal to 11.00 and younger than or equal to 16.99. The date used for calculating the age is Item Begin Date.Transaction date/time after 12/18/19 @ 12:00pm and before 05/31/20 @ 12:00pm.
Household Category of Non-Resident.
Transaction date/time after 12/11/19 @ 12:00pm and before 05/31/20 @ 12:00pm.
Household Category of Resident.
Gender of Female


$48.00 $48.00

Teens in Great Exercise Relationships. Feel good! This running
program is designed to help girls ages 11-16 get fit and feel great.
We will learn some basics of running and develop a training base
that will set these girls on course to be active for a lifetime. We’ll
also incorporate self - esteem building activities to help everyone
develop a positive self-image. This course is designed as an introduction
to running and fitness, geared toward the beginning runner.
Participants should have an interest in developing running
skills. Instructor: Erin Watson. (Proper running shoes and comfortable
athletic attire required.)

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